Healthcare… This analysis gets it right…

I’ll link to the analysis I found for you at the end of this post…

Let me first of all say, I’m not against healthcare reform at all. I just happen to believe it should be done sensibly.  Why people aren’t discussing the following is a mystery to me…

  1. We have some of the highest prescription drug costs anywhere in the world, here in the US.  The drug companies make their money back on years of research/development by charging astronomical rates here in the US.  The reason is in many other places in the world, the government sets caps on drug prices.  If the President really cared, he would find a way to persuade other governments to level the playing field.  Cheaper for us, more realistic prices for them.
  2. Remove the silly restriction of having healthcare policies only sold and licensed in one state. I live in Minnesota, but I can’t buy healthcare from an insurer that is selling me the policy in Colorado or California. If we had a true 50 state private insurance marketplace, with government forcing risk pools to be leveled, and also legislated a minimal policy everyone has to carry, but then let us purchase whatever we want in the private market, I could live with that.
  3. Emphasize preventative care. Gear medical schools up to put doctors in clinics in disadvantaged areas for a year or two to work off loans.  Studies have shown if we do more preventative care, the people who get sick and don’t have traditional insurance, will go back to the doctor and not to the ER.
  4. Let’s get away from this silly notion that we can drive enough costs out of the healthcare system to save us as a country financially. Healthcare is only 20% of GDP right now and the President is talking about reducing 10% of THAT in costs over the next few years.  That’s 2% of GDP, or 2% of 12 trillion dollars which is 240 billion dollars.  In the grand scheme of what goes on in our economy, that’s nothing.  The numbers don’t lie.
  5. Now, it is true that entitlement programs need reform, but given the lack of ability on our part as citizens to tell our government what we want from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and then our inability to hear that “tough choices” may need to be made, I don’t expect this issue to be solved anytime soon. Sorry.

    Here’s the analysis by Dr. Zero

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