Ahmadenijad Relected!?!

Well, they don’t exactly have free and fair elections in Iran, so this was a sham exercise from the get-go.

I wonder now that he has been relected… What about these questions

  1. He’s going to continue pushing for nuclear material to put into a platform that can be launched. That is a given. Will the mullahs become a voice of reason and rein him and the rhetoric in?
  2. Netanyahu over in Israel isn’t going to sit idly by and watch this happen. So, how long before Israel has no choice but to act?
  3. Obama already signaled in his Cairo speech that the US policy isn’t going to be favorable towards Israel. That sends precisely the wrong set of messages to the Arab and Muslim world.  So, will Iran act with impunity because they no that NO ONE is going to challenge their ascension to the nuclear club.

Those readers out there old enough to remember the last dialliances we had with Iran in the late 1970s can remember it did not end well. I ask the question: Why should we believe the Iranians want anything good to happen to ANY country that is aligned with Western interests?

Here’s Allahpundit’s excellent analysis

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