Michelle Obama meddling in Americorps??

Click here here to see Michelle Malkin’s very well sourced and written article.

This is absolutely outrageous behavior. Americorps was set up as means for people to engage in public service, and while you might not agree with the fact that it was set up under the Clinton administration, it was intended to provide an avenue for people to do public service. The problem is that an inspector general found rampant waste, fraud and mismanagement.

Now, as the article points out, the inspector general was fired and some are suggesting it was done at the behest of the First Lady.

I am completely outraged by this. First Ladies are NOT elected officials. As such, there is ZERO accountability for what they do, because the public cannot fire them or impeach them. Remember how we all KNEW Hillary Clinton was behind the Whitewater mess and Travelgate, but in both cases, she hid behind the fact that she was First Lady??

Pay attention to this one. It will either die away quietly, or someone will make a bigger fuss about it so that it becomes a huge problem for Michelle Obama


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  1. Thanks for the hat-tip…

    Ref: “It will either die away quietly…”

    I’ll try to keep it alive.


    ps: all collages at the website are my design…if anyone takes offense it is intended to offend!

    pps: Good post! Keep up the good work!

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