Britian kept in the dark over terrorists from Gitmo

Click here for the link over at Hot Air.

This is just what one would expect. The checklist goes like this

  1. Promise to close Gitmo
  2. Figure out that you can’t put the terrorists in the US… (Note that one was put into a Federal court last week)
  3. Try dumping them into a third country that might take them without a fuss.
  4. Figure out that won’t work
  5. Under cover of darkness, just send them anywhere

This is going to have repercussions.  Probably not good ones, but read on for my other articles below and you’ll see why the administration did this.  They KNEW the Iran election would push this off the front page.

Pay attention to the other hand, folks.  It may be doing something you don’t know about, but you should know about!


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