Get better coverage of Iran events

Click here to read Patterico’s excellent article. He details how to analyze the LA Times coverage, find out that it is quite lacking and then go and develop your own sources of information. Precisely what everyone should be doing right now…

This should teach you that what you often get out of the mainstream media is not true reality. It is only what THEY WANT you to hear and see.

Your biggest defense against this imposed myopia is to develop a wide range of sources of information, and I hope to bring you some of these sources on this blog. I’m linking Patterico in on the blog roll (see right side of the page), and check back here often for more as I find them.

Got a blog you think I should be paying attention to? Please, send me a note at

katia98dog (at)

I’ll give you a hat-tip when I post and link these in.


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