Iran election results cooked… The proof

There’s a great article here at Right Wing Nut House. Turns out that all the mullahs in Iran needed was a spreadsheet to determine the vote totals.

That’s also why detailed results by province and city won’t ever be made public. It’s also come out that the challenger to Ahmadenijad was leading in the polls. So… Let’s see…  The checklist for winning an election in Iran…

  1. Turn off Internet… check
  2. Turn off text messaging… check
  3. Put challenger in jail… check
  4. Have the “election”… check
  5. Intimidate voters at polls…check
  6. Announce to the world that government chosen candidate won…check
  7. Bury any stories showing fraud and cooking of the books…check

We all expected this, right?

Check #Iranelections over on Twitter if you haven’t done so. Lots of interesting chatter from people about the results.


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