Liebermann opposes ObamaCare

Click here for the article over at Hot Air.

Wonder if Liebermann can get one or two other Democrats to cross over. If he can, maybe he can push to get this whole thing sent back for re-tooling or outright abandonment.

My basic problem with this bill is that the liberals are not willing to admit that by offering a public plan (government run) alongside a private plan (your local insurer you have now) AND then capping the profits of the private insurers at 10%, they are essentially going to DRIVE MANY private insurers out of business. So, your only choice in a few years will be the government plan.

Want to know what the government plan would be like for all of us… Ask anyone on Medicare right now.


3 Responses

  1. You are exactly right. How can so many people and/or politicians be anxiously eager to throw away what is truly the best health care system in the world? A public plan would impose price controls and subsidize the difference through tax payer dollars. For President Obama to repeatedly suggest that citizens will be able to keep their insurance program is naive, if not dishonest, in that these insurers will be forced out of the market, undercut by the government. With some 1300 insurance programs currently available, adding a ‘public option’ is not necessary, as the administration and others portend, to bolster competition. The net effect of such an option is in fact the antithesis of competition; resulting in a monopoly, or single payer system. Henceforth, rationed health care with bureaucrats substituting their will in place of health care decisions between a patient and his/her doctor. More power to Joe!

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  3. AMEN!

    I hope Lieberman defects. If Lincoln has any hope of ensuring her own reelection, she will join him.

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