Events in Iran – Calling Wile E Coyote?

This one almost had me laughing, but I suppose the chain of events was quite predictable.

  1. Offer peace to Muslim world, including its most thuggish dictators
  2. Make it seem as though no one would pursue vigorous military action.  Just check out how the administration re-titled the War on Terror to “Overseas Contingency Operation”.  Also how military and CIA officers are retiring en masse.
  3. Say nothing about the good things going on in Iraq as the country begins to put itself together

Is it any wonder to anyone that Iran is behaving as it is now?

Click here
to read the Hot Air article.


2 Responses

  1. Your title had me laughing.

    • Well, it wasn’t my title, but a reference to the linked in Hot Air article, but thanks for noticing 🙂 I grew up in Austin Texas where roadrunners are prevalent, so the cartoon from Chuck Jones was a favorite around my house as a kid.

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