Iran orders vote counting investigation

This article over at Hot Air has the details.

Shouldn’t be a surprise that the government had to do something, given the mass protesting in the streets in Iran. But, this definitely does smack of desperation.

Several questions and things to watch…

  1. Does Ahmadinijad ask for something from the West in exchange for making nice with the students and demonstrators
  2. Do the mullahs come out with a statement themselves, or remain largely silent
  3. How does the government treat Mousavi (Ahmadinijad’s challenger)
  4. How does the government take into account the people’s anger over the massive disenfranchisement.  I’d actually say the people were given zero franchise, but that’s just me.

The Iranian people are extremely proud and have a great history of producing scholars, doctors, lawyers and others in times long since past.  The mullahs who are running the place now seem hell-bent on continuing to destroy the future of the country and also ensure the youth have no future to look forward to.

Course, if Israel has to attack them soon, things will get much more difficult.  I submit the text of Netanyahu’s speech to counter Obama’s Cairo speech of a few weeks ago.  Click here to read it. He doesn’t say a whole lot on the Iran issue, but the whole speech does give you the impression that he gets “it” in understanding that Israel doesn’t have many friends in the world right now.

I put this in here because I think any thought of what is going on in Iran has to take account of Israel.  Surely, one can assume the Iranian students know if the govermnet in Tehran doesn’t moderate its views and stop producing nuclear fuel, there is a collision course set here.  At times like this, it is like the game of chicken that teenagers of 1950 and earlier used to play.  Who is going to blink first??


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