North Korea warns about nuclear testing

This article shows us that the guys in Pyongyang do have some issues when the world turns its attention away from them.

So, now we have another sociopathic dictator who wants to feel important. Only, the backstory which the mainstream media seems to be missing is that China holds most of our US government debt. If we don’t figure out financially how to put our house in order so they continue lending us money, we might not be able to get money from them to finance US government borrowing.

Where it gets dicey, is if China is going to apply pressure to North Korea for us, they might exact some concessions from us in our financing, interest rates, or something else.

On the other hand, we could tell Japan to go and arm itself (in the nuclear sense) and that might give China enough incentive to change their thinking on North Korea. But, time will tell how this one shakes out.


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