ABC News to turn over programming to Obama

Everyone reading this needs to go to the abcnews website and register your complaints. This is a blatant example of a media outlet crossing the line into an area that our Founders NEVER ever wanted.  Media is supposed to be unbiased, free, and unbeholden to government for anything.  This is outrageous, and regardless of anyone’s political stripes, this should bother you immensely.  Wars were fought in this country to preserve the freedom of the press and individual rights to get information in a free fashion.  This flies in the face of that.

So, Katia’s questions to ponder

  1. Just how much “in the tank” is ABC now?  Can we ever trust anything they say again as being the truth or at least not heavily biased towards the Administration?
  2. We already know that NBC is in bed with General Electric which has a huge position in renewable energy sources.  So, NBC and MSNBC bias a lot of their coverage to favor liberal positions.  When is the last time you saw any Republican on either channel that got a fair shake?
  3. CBS News proved last year during the election campaign that they would do ANYTHING to destroy John McCain.  Katie Couric has been said to mention to people that she’s glad the conservatives have been absolutely marginalized.  And this is who is delivering the news?  Her ratings speak for themselves.

Where then does one go for news?  The declining ratings of the big 3 newscasts seem to indicate that people are abandoning them in droves for other sources.  Small surprise, right?

Drudge has the link up about this…  Watch this.  It will be interesting to see the reaction.

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