Iran putting reporters in lockdown

From Hot Air.  This was predictable.  I’m not at all surprised, but they can’t seem to shut Twitter down completely.  As long as there are people able to send volumes of tweets from inside Iran, this revolution is going to continue to have legs.

So, let’s see what should we be watching on this….

  1. How the recount procedures are implemented, if that ever gets made public. Somehow I doubt that”ll happen.
  2. Whether Iran offers any kind of response to the speech by Netanyahu.  I offered a post up last night that contained a link to Netanyahu’s speech. You can read that post here. I recommend reading his speech for yourself.
  3. What further communications come out of US or other Western countries.  The Europeans have been strangely silent on a lot of this.  Wonder if they’re planning to hedge their bets if the revolution goes south and the government doesn’t get toppled.
  4. Whether Twitter remains a force to be reckoned with in communications.  From what I can tell, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and both the mullahs and the protesters in Iran know it.

Have a good afternoon!

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