Katia’s News… Three Articles to Read

Top of the morning to everyone.

By now, everyone knows about the goings on in Iran.  The Iranian government is backed into the proverbial corner. In short, the protests in the streets have forced them to reckon with a population that knows the franchise was stolen from them.

I would keep an eye on The Drudge Report, Hot Air, Real Clear Politics, and your mainstream news paper of choice to stay apprised of things.  Also, plug into the #iranelection channel over on Twitter.

But, here are three links you should visit to get some perspectives on what’s going on outside of the Iran story

  1. The Congressional Budget Office released figures yesterday that show that the Kennedy bill for Obamacare would add $1 Trillion in costs over the next 10 years.  Yes, that’s TRILLION…  And, it doesn’t even insure all the people that the liberals want to cover.  Click here to read the article at Politico.
  2. Benjamin Netanyahu answered Obama’s Cairo speech with a speech of his own.  It is worth analyzing this, because in the long term, the next move in the chess game on Iran might well come from Israel.  Notable is that Netanyahu has endorsed the two state solution, but he has conditions on such a framework that might not have appeared before. Click here to read the article at Human Events.
  3. For all the talk about Hope and Change and the “middle of the road” in American politics, it appears as though polarization of the electorate is still the modus operandi.  Here’s the article over at Hot Air referencing a Gallup poll of voter preferences.

Enjoy your day here in the US, and for our readers elsewhere in the world, thanks for dropping by and I hope you had a good day or are having a good day.  Remember, you can get the backstory on important issues here.  I will always seek to find what the mainstream media isn’t telling you!

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