Noon Update – Blagojevich and Housing Statistics

Well, I’m back after a long hiatus.

My dad hasn’t had time to write, but at the encouragement of his friends, he’s gonna start doing more here.  I am also gonna try to get a Facebook page up soon.

So, what’s in the news today…

  • Governor Blagojevich takes the stand in the corruption trial.  This should be interesting to watch, because one has to wonder if in order to save his own skin, he would out the President or someone else in the Administration.  I’m sorry, but to me it does not pass the “smell” (sniff sniff) test that deals could be made for an open Senate seat without the President knowing something about it.

Click here for the story

  • Housing continues its downward spiral.  Click here for the story I’ll post more on what to do with the economy in a longer essay this weekend, but to anyone wanting for a recovery (and we all do), this is terrible news.  Apparently, the guys in Washington DC don’t realize that
    • One has to have capital formation and investment by private investors in our economy
    • A lot of that capital is tied up in gold, safe stocks or mattresses (otherwise known as US Treasury Bills).
    • As long as this capital is NOT making it into the larger market, to go into businesses that hire YOU and ME, things will not improve.
    • Housing is one of these capital intensive sectors of the economy.  This report shows people are sitting on their hands

The question for everyone today is:

Why does the mainstream media NOT want to tell you the real statistics on unemployment?

Realize that everytime someone STOPS looking for work, they drop out of the pool of “employable people”.  That means the unemployment rate drops

By most estimates, unemployment is around 15-18% if you take into account the people who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and quit looking for a job.

Here’s the link to why unemployment stats are not telling you the truth

Enjoy the day.  Tell your friends about the blog and keep coming back!


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