Just how dumb does she think we are?

I know we get some real doozies in terms of political appointees, but this woman needs her head to be checked, I think.  The back story is she’s been forced to resign for inflammatory remarks made at an NAACP meeting.  But, she then tries to say it was done 25 years ago.  Please.

Click here for post and video

Update: It turns out that when one watches the full video, the whole story emerges.  The media cut the tape up to make her seem like a villan.

So…. Even on a slow news day, some “drive by” practices by the media still are in full swing.

Post and Full Video available here

3 Responses

  1. I know it’s probably a rhetorical question, but I’m sure she thinks we are all very dumb and she is all very smart. It’s human tendency to do so for some reason.

  2. and by “the media” don’t you mean Brietbart and Fox?

  3. Doesn’t really matter if she thinks you’re dumb if you demonstrate in your observations that you actually are dumb, does it?

    I mean, you’re the the one putting it all out for all to see.

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