(Warning – disturbing)… What the Obama White House does NOT want you to see

This is what they don\'t want you to see

I really find this beyond any sense of decency. They’re keeping this out of the press.

We need to have complete openness about the oil spill and allow media to shine the light in here.

Ask yourself why BP’s employees clammed up immediately after the well exploded? It’s not like media outlets weren’t trying to get the skinny on the story and how the well blew up.

HOLD YOUR elected officials accountable to get to the bottom of this and then tell them to LIFT the drilling ban. We should NOT have to push drilling out into deep waters. If it can be done safely closer to shore where it is shallower, then that is the logical course of action.

We have some of the largest reserves of oil right here in the US, and we will NOT find ways to drill and use them as long as this Administration and Congress are being held by the far left.

Make your voice heard, and then vote your opinion at the ballot box this November.


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