This is really dangerous.

If we appoint and confirm a Supreme Court justice that has demonstrated their willingness to look past the national security threat of Sharia groups, and let them get involved financially with her educational institution… That’s a really bad thing.

I am bitterly disappointed by this because the mainstream media did not report on this, and she is all but assured to be confirmed.

Dick Morris is not an ideologue.  If he finds this stuff through research, you can bet it is legit and it is, potentially, very damaging to our national security.


Obama hits low in Quinnipiac approval rating

Hot Air » Obama hits low in Quinnipiac approval rating.

Not surprising.  Definitely the Gallup poll from last week is now proven to be an outlier.

The question on everyone’s mind today is when the President abandons his plans so that he can save his party.  Or, does he just continue on, assume he loses the US House to the Republicans, and then see how he can position himself for 2012?

Keep an eye on independents in these polls from Quinnipiac, Rasmussen and other outlets. If they continue to break solidly against the President, his prospects for 2012 are going to start looking bleak.

This should scare you…. Unemployment Duration Goes Way Up

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Well, this seems to indicate that we’re in uncharted waters. The jobs being lost are not coming back and finding other jobs for those who have been laid off is proving to be a big challenge.

I’m not sure I buy the idea that inflation won’t come back at some point, but we’d all better take the attitude that something could happen and be prepared for it.