Should Shirley Sherrod get her job back?

Hot Air » Should Shirley Sherrod get her job back?.

I think she should.  Government needs all the help it can get in having officials that are going to be color-blind, and equal in how they treat all people.  But, at the same time, understand when injustices are done so they can be corrected.

It is a myth that conservatives don’t believe in equality.  We believe in equality of opportunities.  Not equality of outcomes.  People will rise as far as their God given talents can take them.  But, not everyone has the same possibility to realize those talents.  That’s what we need to keep doing as a country.

The really damaging part of this is how quick the NAACP, and the White House were to damage the credibility and reputation of this woman.  That should make you wonder what is the “shelf life” of other people who appear to screw up.  The bus that Obama’s driving has a LOT of people thrown under it now…

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