Universities and Government – They control your life path!

Pajamas Media » Universities and Government Bureaucracies: The Left’s ‘Chokepoint Charlies’.

We all have dealt with universities and government bureaucracies. They share one thing in common… They have more than the usual share of people who derive some pleasure from “planning” how people’s lives should evolve and unfold.

This runs completely counter to the “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” clause in the Declaration of Independence.  Let’s not forget that document PRECEDED our great Constitution.

When one goes to Washington DC and gets to see the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and Declaration of Independence under glass, you begin to appreciate the timeless value of these documents.  They’ve endured and lived on for many generations now.

My contention is that someone has to remind university officials and government officials that they own the responsibility to help people realize their talents and then get out of the way as the become (and continue) to be upstanding citizens.

Individual enterprise and uniqueness and freedom of thought and freedom of movement has to be at the core of who we are and what we do as a country.

Anyone out there care to argue the other side… Does the ‘conformity’ aspect of modern liberalism, with all its “being fair to all people, all the time” hamper our ability to have individual expression, thought, initiative and a capitalistic economy?

The other point I’d make is if you think the liberal view points that come out of colleges and government is good for the long-term health of the country, you need to consider what is it that makes government/university policy makers different from the rest of us.  How many of these people have

  1. Run payroll and balanced a budge at a business of any size where the profit/loss was directly on their heads?
  2. Managed teams of people who do jobs where the people need active coaching/mentoring to be successful?
  3. Had to struggle with the investment and cash flow issues that are part of any businesses?
  4. Dealt with product development, manufacturing and sales?

Then… Why do we have a lot of people in government and academia who know next to NOTHING about these things?  Is it any wonder that colleges turn out graduates that are not always prepared for the careers they embark on? Is it also any wonder that government pursues regulations that do not help foster a balance between consumers and businesses, but ultimately put businesses out of commission?