More on Iran… At the brink

Hot Air has great updates on what is going on in Iran on the ground. Suffice it to say there is a boiling undercurrent of anger in the people who knew full well they’d be disenfranchised on a massive scale. Try ZERO FRANCHISE!!

Click here to read the latest one.

Props to this article for mentioning the Twitter channels and users where you can follow this in real-time. Please mention this site on Twitter too so we get more readers here. I’ll post some other back-stories on this later today or tomorrow, as I find them.

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Maher lecturing Obama!?!

Click here to get to the article at Hot Air. This is classic.

Maher has been drinking the Obama kool-aid for a long time. Seems awfully convenient that now he’s coming out and saying that the President needs to get off the TV.

Actually, I really, really hate to say it, but I do agree with Maher. I’m tired of seeing the President every day on the tube. Not because I disagree with him, but because his constant appearances diminish the weight of the office. Presidents should only be seen when something truly important needs to be discussed or communicated.

On the other hand, one has to wonder if this liberal smack-fest is going to continue. Ponder these things…

  1. Some blue-dog Democrats are finding the White House won’t provide much political cover for them to disagree on cap and trade.  Seems the little matter of jobs and economic costs in the US Midwest and South where farmers make their livelihood is something the White House cares little about in forcing cap and trade down our throats
  2. Senator Joesph Liebermann has been a lone voice on foreign policy and it is known he supports a vigorous defense of Israel.  Wonder if his position will get him pushed to the margins of the Democratic party.  Liebermann, however, might be the only credible voice that can speak out and tell the country what is ultimately at stake if the Israelis are attacked by a nuclear Iran.
  3. Republicans are at long last beginning to organize and figure out that they need to win local elections to have a chance to affect things like the 2010 elections, the 2010 Census, and ultimately take back the White House. So, as independent voters begin to realize that they made a mistake in voting for Obama, they’ll come looking for other alternatives.

So, watch the liberals, hold them accountable and get your friends to read, educate themselves and most of all speak out!

One mind at at time, we can take the country back and redeem the founding values our Founding Fathers had in mind.

President Jumps Out of Airplane

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: 85-year-old former President jumps out of a perfectly good plane.

One of my dad’s closest friends in high school used to own the skydiving school in College, Station Texas where George Bush (41) did the skydives.  It’s great to see that the old man still has some spunk.

Katia the Conservative Dachshund

Hello to all…

This is my opening post.  First a bit about me.  I’m an 11 year old dachshund living in the Minneapolis suburbs. I reside with my two dachshund cousins, Tobias and Peaches. All three of us live with my human Mom and Dad.

My parents often argue and debate politics. All the years I’ve lived with them, debating the current events of the day has been a blood sport. As I’m the thinking dog in the family, I often like to ponder life’s questions over a nice bone as I sit in my bed in the corner. Though, as you’ll see in the picture below, I’ve been known to pick up an erudite publication from time to time to browse through.

So, after all the debates… My dad said to my mom one day, why don’t we consider losing political party labels? My ears perked up at that one.  Apparently, my human parents, who have always been loyal Republicans have had it with the narrow politics that define both that party and the Democrats.  According to them, Political beliefs have to come from a set of principles that can stand the test of time and place.  So, they are reading and thinking about what it means to be a libertarian and conservative.  Somewhere along the way, those two terms gained a pejorative meaning among the mass media in this country, but I digress…

Being a dog, political parties don’t matter that much to me either. But, some truths about life do matter. Let me put some ideas on paper here. Call them guiding principles of how I see the world and politics. Maybe in these ideas, we can find some places to begin thinking constructively about what our world and country should be.

Katia’s Observations…

  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a liberal or a conservative. Our democracy flourishes when we have opposing points of view, BUT, the key is we all must be informed about our viewpoints and those of the opposition.  This means that one HAS to get news and information from a variety of sources.  It can be a great struggle to arrive at your own views, but active citizenship demands that you do so.  Therefore, read something new each day.  Go read blogs and websites from your political opposition.  Absorb their views and test your own principles against those ideas.
  2. Our Founding Fathers wanted a Republic where vigorous public debate was the norm of the day, and people could speak freely because each side had principles that they held dear.  Sure, many fisticuffs and duels resulted, but back then, one could be reasonably sure that if someone said something, it was what he/she believed.  Furthermore, those statements would be defended, tooth and nail. Personal honor is a noble thing, and defending it upon the altar of a strongly held belief is something that should be respected.  When it is not, the whole system of give and take in modern politics begins to break down irretrievably.
  3. Our political system today is broken and has been in a state of disrepair for many decades. I hope to explore with you why that came about, but let us all recognize that the failures come about because of a LACK of active, informed citizenship.  As I said in the items above, we all have to come to views that we can hold passionately and defend with thoughtful insights.  That only comes from research, thinking and learning from history.  Accepting the line you hear on CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News or any of the big 3 each day isn’t the approach to take if well-informed ideas are to make it to the forefront of public debate.
  4. The deplorable state of politics today (and for the last generation, approximately) reflects a political class in Washington that does not really care about the country’s well-being in the long-term.  We as citizens do not do enough to demand that they do so.  Many solutions can be devised to force this, and we can debate those solutions in this space.
  5. We need to be unafraid to test our ideas by debating them with others.  The Founding Fathers were famous for debating issues, sometimes to the point of blows or duels. While no violence is required, we all lose something when we verbally spar with someone who just walks away.  Defense of well-held ideas that you possess is no vice.  Just ask Tobias and Peaches when they come and try to get my bone at night…
  6. It is important to know who you are, and where your history as a family and culture comes from.  My parents have my breeding papers and I can be traced back through many generations of dachshunds.  They’ve even gone to Gergweis, Germany where the modern dachshund was bred almost 150 years ago.  My point is that knowledge of your own personal past grounds you and teaches you truths about yourself that can withstand anything that life or anyone else throws at you.  The old saying about us stand on the shoulders of others is true…
  7. Being a liberal at its root is NOT about large government or progressive traditions.  Early liberalism was actually based on some things that Republicans/conservatives believe today.  I’ll leave the reader to research and discover that for yourselves.
  8. As we go through this journey on this blog… I’ll post one or two must read items each day with comments.  I encourage you to do the same. Most of all, bring your friends and let’s have good debates on here. If there are links you want me to post or highlight, I’m happy to do so.
  9. All I ask is that you respect others on here. I will report abusers to (the owner of this site) for removal. That means that personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated.
  10. Thanks for starting this journey with me.  Now, back to my bed in the corner for a nap…