The “Grrr… Let go of my Bone” note of the day…

I’ll try to post these when I see things I don’t like, that you should know about…

Here’s the one for today, though there might be more…

Anyone noticed that since the liberals can’t get single payer healthcare to pass, they’re going to do it by stealth.

It goes something like this…

  1. Offer a public-private plan that has the ability for you to keep your insurance you have today
  2. Cap or limit the profits of the health insurance companies
  3. Dump lots of people into the public (government) insurance plan by offering such generous subsidies that people would be foolish not to avail themselves of them
  4. Tax the employers who provide insurance to you today, thereby giving them an incentive to DROP insurance as a benefit that you get at your job… (Hmmm… is that REALLY what we wanted??)

The end result?  A system that leads to rationing because we are going to add 50 million (or close to that) people to the healthcare rolls, and we already have shortages of doctors, nurses and others today!!!  Talk to someone over in Canada or the UK about how well their system works.

The really dangerous thing here is if the government eventually gets to the point where they can regulate and drive private insurers out of business.  Then, they own our healthcare, lock, stock and barrell.

Here’s the analysis you might want to check out over at HotAir. As always, well written..
Government healthcare insurance will drive private insurance out of business!!!

The 1% Myth and the Victimization of America

Think you can tax the rich enough to pay for everything Obama wants?? Try this out…

The 1% Myth and the Victimization of America

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