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Good day to everyone…

Here are some stories I’m watching today.

Over on the Iran front…

Hot Air has an article on the latest brutal thuggery by the Iranian military and police.  Definitely, the ability to peaceably assemble and protest is in very short supply.

What will be interesting to watch…

1. How Obama continues to try and reconcile his inconsistencies among the statements he has made during the last week. Instead of a full-throated condemnation of the Iranian government last week, he only offered tepid language.  The actual condemnation didn’t happen until yesterday’s press conference, where several members of the press did hold him to account for his lack of being in the lead among the countries speaking out on the election and brutal tactics of the government.

2. Whether his condemnation yesterday will actually change events on the ground or not.  So far, no major change that I can see. But, time will tell whether the mullahs change their tactics.

3. It also will be interesting to see whether there is an about-face on whether the Iranian diplomats can attend Fourth of July celebrations at US Embassies.  So far, no change, but that could become a different story given public outrage.

Mullahs also appear to be joining the protests, according to Hot Air.  Not sure whether these are legit mullahs, but the symbolism is definitely interesting, because if they are mullahs, it indicates that not all the religious/clerical class in Iran is with the government.

Mark Sanford, once a presumed front-runner for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2012, has found his career in pieces which can’t be picked up easily.  He was out of the country, in Argentina, seeing a mistress.  Hot Air has the article here.

I have also been watching the stories around the firing of the Inspector General for Americorps, Gerald Walpin.  You can see those links in older articles, further down the blog.

Katia’s bottom line ideas for today…

1. Events in Iran are still fluid and moving fast.  No one knows what the end result will be, but betting against the protesters in the street would be unwise.  They might not succeed in topping the regime, but they have shined a bright light on what the government in Tehran is capable of doing.  At the very least, the numbers and vociferousness of the protests should tell the world that there is a viable base to begin working from within Iran to effect change.  That, in the long run, might be what we need to head off Iran becoming a serious nuclear weapons state.

Obama did get it right in his press conference yesterday, but it should cause all Americans great concern when we have to wait for our President to take 10 days from the beginning of events to come out with what resembles anything like a full-throated condemnation of the police tactics and murderous things that the Iranian military have done.  So, I ask, why did it take the President so long?  And please, let’s dispense with the idea that Obama’s Cairo speech had anything at all to do with the events in Iran.  The two are not connected, and for him to suggest they are is beyond the realm of logic, and borders on insanity.

2. The Democratic attack machine has to be behind the effort to take down Mark Sanford.  We all know from the past how these guys operate.  They went after Sarah Palin, because she was the only bright light in an otherwise dismal McCain campaign last fall.  Now, as Sanford becomes a darling of the conservatives for 2012, he is now taken out.  Anyone who is planning to run in 2012 for the Republican nomination that looks like a threat better really gird themselves and make sure no skeletons are in the closet.  Otherwise, 2008 is going to look like a picnic compared to the level of animosity and ugliniess that will come out in the 2010 and 2012 election seasons.  The liberals are out to destroy conservatives completely and irreparably.  That is their goal.

3. The government is engaging in tactics that border on the criminal.  Inspectors General are put in place to ensure that taxpayer dollars are appropriated and spent by the receiving entity/agency in the manner which Congress wanted.  These IGs need to have autonomy and independence to objectively investigate the matters brought before them.  The law specifies that if an IG is to be let go, he/she is entitled to have the President send a letter to Congress stating the cause for termination, along with providing 30 days notice before the termination takes effect.  In the case of Inspector General Gerald Walpin who was investigating Americorps expenditure irregularities in Sacramento California, this law was not followed.  The Obama White House terminated his service as Inspector General without adhering to the law, which was written and sponsored by Senator Obama in 2008.

The sad thing is, Americorps will not be investigated now, and through a bill passed by Edward Kennedy, it got its operating budget doubled for this next fiscal year. We will never know where this money goes now.  Obama’s cronies who work at Americorps are free to do whatever they want with the money and there is zero accountability to anyone about how those dollars are spent.  Having Congress in Democratic hands also means no oversight will be forthcoming from Congress members.

I want to welcome readers today who might have found the blog through Jimmy Z’s recommendation.  Many thanks to him for recommending me.  If you have a blog (doesn’t matter what political stripe), send it to me and I’ll add it to my blog roll if it is interesting and noteworthy. I encourage you to add mine.

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Iran putting reporters in lockdown

From Hot Air.  This was predictable.  I’m not at all surprised, but they can’t seem to shut Twitter down completely.  As long as there are people able to send volumes of tweets from inside Iran, this revolution is going to continue to have legs.

So, let’s see what should we be watching on this….

  1. How the recount procedures are implemented, if that ever gets made public. Somehow I doubt that”ll happen.
  2. Whether Iran offers any kind of response to the speech by Netanyahu.  I offered a post up last night that contained a link to Netanyahu’s speech. You can read that post here. I recommend reading his speech for yourself.
  3. What further communications come out of US or other Western countries.  The Europeans have been strangely silent on a lot of this.  Wonder if they’re planning to hedge their bets if the revolution goes south and the government doesn’t get toppled.
  4. Whether Twitter remains a force to be reckoned with in communications.  From what I can tell, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and both the mullahs and the protesters in Iran know it.

Have a good afternoon!

Seven Point Manifesto – Iranian Resistance

Here it is. What the people in the street want.  Wonder how many of these things the government in Tehran will cave on?

We know the longer the protests go on, the weaker the government gets in the eyes of the people and the world, so either this gets resolved in a bloody fashion soon, or we’re seeing the beginning of the end for the current framework of goverment in Iran with the current guys in power.

Katia’s News… Three Articles to Read

Top of the morning to everyone.

By now, everyone knows about the goings on in Iran.  The Iranian government is backed into the proverbial corner. In short, the protests in the streets have forced them to reckon with a population that knows the franchise was stolen from them.

I would keep an eye on The Drudge Report, Hot Air, Real Clear Politics, and your mainstream news paper of choice to stay apprised of things.  Also, plug into the #iranelection channel over on Twitter.

But, here are three links you should visit to get some perspectives on what’s going on outside of the Iran story

  1. The Congressional Budget Office released figures yesterday that show that the Kennedy bill for Obamacare would add $1 Trillion in costs over the next 10 years.  Yes, that’s TRILLION…  And, it doesn’t even insure all the people that the liberals want to cover.  Click here to read the article at Politico.
  2. Benjamin Netanyahu answered Obama’s Cairo speech with a speech of his own.  It is worth analyzing this, because in the long term, the next move in the chess game on Iran might well come from Israel.  Notable is that Netanyahu has endorsed the two state solution, but he has conditions on such a framework that might not have appeared before. Click here to read the article at Human Events.
  3. For all the talk about Hope and Change and the “middle of the road” in American politics, it appears as though polarization of the electorate is still the modus operandi.  Here’s the article over at Hot Air referencing a Gallup poll of voter preferences.

Enjoy your day here in the US, and for our readers elsewhere in the world, thanks for dropping by and I hope you had a good day or are having a good day.  Remember, you can get the backstory on important issues here.  I will always seek to find what the mainstream media isn’t telling you!

Iran’s gambit… Failed…

Here’s a great article over at the Guardian.

The basic premise, which is worth noting is that the election was a sham, and so no amount of legitimacy can be conferred upon Ahmadenijad. He and the mullahs may want to claim they’re a legitimate government, but the rest of the world knows different.

While you’re here, you might also want to check out Hot Air’s afternoon update on the protests in Iran. Somehow, I think when 2-3 million people take to the streets, the calculus of the equation changes. Now the government can’t brutally oppress people because they know the world is focused on what is happening in Tehran.

Events in Iran – Calling Wile E Coyote?

This one almost had me laughing, but I suppose the chain of events was quite predictable.

  1. Offer peace to Muslim world, including its most thuggish dictators
  2. Make it seem as though no one would pursue vigorous military action.  Just check out how the administration re-titled the War on Terror to “Overseas Contingency Operation”.  Also how military and CIA officers are retiring en masse.
  3. Say nothing about the good things going on in Iraq as the country begins to put itself together

Is it any wonder to anyone that Iran is behaving as it is now?

Click here
to read the Hot Air article.

Thought pieces on Iran for your reading

Pajamas Media has great stuff to read to get behind what the media is telling you. I give you two of their writer’s articles on Iran issues.

Click here to read Jennifer Rubin’s Article on whether Iranians deserve a change

Click here to read Victor Davis Hanson, who is always a favorite of mine. Today, he muses about how we got to this point and what we might do now with Iran.

North Korea warns about nuclear testing

This article shows us that the guys in Pyongyang do have some issues when the world turns its attention away from them.

So, now we have another sociopathic dictator who wants to feel important. Only, the backstory which the mainstream media seems to be missing is that China holds most of our US government debt. If we don’t figure out financially how to put our house in order so they continue lending us money, we might not be able to get money from them to finance US government borrowing.

Where it gets dicey, is if China is going to apply pressure to North Korea for us, they might exact some concessions from us in our financing, interest rates, or something else.

On the other hand, we could tell Japan to go and arm itself (in the nuclear sense) and that might give China enough incentive to change their thinking on North Korea. But, time will tell how this one shakes out.

Iranian Students worry about Obama

Well, this is where the story gets worse… Click here to see what Hot Air is telling us this morning about the Iranian students. This is one case where CNN does get props for having some crews that can report on the story.

I told you yesterday and day before to watch this. Now that the world knows about the rigged election, and the aftermath in the streets, we get to the real nuts and bolts.

The students represent the best hope of creating change from inside Iran that could topple the government, or at least force Ahmadinijad to halt his march towards centralizing even more power.

But… they didn’t REALLY expect to get much help from the current US government, now did they?

Also, interesting to note, is someone over on Twitter did post what MAY (and I stress MAY) have been the vote totals. This could be complete nonsense, but it is worth pondering. What IF these were close to the REAL vote totals?? Click here to see the post.

If these numbers are true, I guess we know now why there was such a campaign of oppression by the state police in Iran after the election.

Meantime, everyone on Twitter should be very proud. The medium seems to have proven its worth over this past weekend in some interesting ways. Since the Iranian government shut down the normal means of communication, it became the only way to get a glimpse of what was going on in the country. Lots of chatter contained inaccuracies, to be sure, but I know plenty of people who were tuned into the #Iranelection channel and found it to be informative.

Future despots around the world should take note. Unless they plan to ban mobile phones and other devices with network capabilities outright, it will be difficult to oppress a population to the extent that is needed to keep all information from reaching the outside world. That should give them pause, and make the rest of us happier that individual freedom has in some small part gained a foothold through the use of alternative, but viral (in a good way) media such as Twitter.

Here’s the article on that...Patrick’s writing is excellent.

Get better coverage of Iran events

Click here to read Patterico’s excellent article. He details how to analyze the LA Times coverage, find out that it is quite lacking and then go and develop your own sources of information. Precisely what everyone should be doing right now…

This should teach you that what you often get out of the mainstream media is not true reality. It is only what THEY WANT you to hear and see.

Your biggest defense against this imposed myopia is to develop a wide range of sources of information, and I hope to bring you some of these sources on this blog. I’m linking Patterico in on the blog roll (see right side of the page), and check back here often for more as I find them.

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