North Korea warns about nuclear testing

This article shows us that the guys in Pyongyang do have some issues when the world turns its attention away from them.

So, now we have another sociopathic dictator who wants to feel important. Only, the backstory which the mainstream media seems to be missing is that China holds most of our US government debt. If we don’t figure out financially how to put our house in order so they continue lending us money, we might not be able to get money from them to finance US government borrowing.

Where it gets dicey, is if China is going to apply pressure to North Korea for us, they might exact some concessions from us in our financing, interest rates, or something else.

On the other hand, we could tell Japan to go and arm itself (in the nuclear sense) and that might give China enough incentive to change their thinking on North Korea. But, time will tell how this one shakes out.


Iranian Students worry about Obama

Well, this is where the story gets worse… Click here to see what Hot Air is telling us this morning about the Iranian students. This is one case where CNN does get props for having some crews that can report on the story.

I told you yesterday and day before to watch this. Now that the world knows about the rigged election, and the aftermath in the streets, we get to the real nuts and bolts.

The students represent the best hope of creating change from inside Iran that could topple the government, or at least force Ahmadinijad to halt his march towards centralizing even more power.

But… they didn’t REALLY expect to get much help from the current US government, now did they?

Also, interesting to note, is someone over on Twitter did post what MAY (and I stress MAY) have been the vote totals. This could be complete nonsense, but it is worth pondering. What IF these were close to the REAL vote totals?? Click here to see the post.

If these numbers are true, I guess we know now why there was such a campaign of oppression by the state police in Iran after the election.

Meantime, everyone on Twitter should be very proud. The medium seems to have proven its worth over this past weekend in some interesting ways. Since the Iranian government shut down the normal means of communication, it became the only way to get a glimpse of what was going on in the country. Lots of chatter contained inaccuracies, to be sure, but I know plenty of people who were tuned into the #Iranelection channel and found it to be informative.

Future despots around the world should take note. Unless they plan to ban mobile phones and other devices with network capabilities outright, it will be difficult to oppress a population to the extent that is needed to keep all information from reaching the outside world. That should give them pause, and make the rest of us happier that individual freedom has in some small part gained a foothold through the use of alternative, but viral (in a good way) media such as Twitter.

Here’s the article on that...Patrick’s writing is excellent.

Get better coverage of Iran events

Click here to read Patterico’s excellent article. He details how to analyze the LA Times coverage, find out that it is quite lacking and then go and develop your own sources of information. Precisely what everyone should be doing right now…

This should teach you that what you often get out of the mainstream media is not true reality. It is only what THEY WANT you to hear and see.

Your biggest defense against this imposed myopia is to develop a wide range of sources of information, and I hope to bring you some of these sources on this blog. I’m linking Patterico in on the blog roll (see right side of the page), and check back here often for more as I find them.

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North Korea warns of nuclear war

Click here for the article, but this is probably just posturing on their part to gather eyeballs from around the world while the attention is focused on what’s going on in Iran.

Exit Question: Would Ahmadenijad deliberately have rigged this election to put himself in a stronger bargaining power, both with the West AND also North Korea. I don’t doubt for a second that he might not try to get technology from North Korea, or give them nuclear material.

Definitely worth watching

Iran election results cooked… The proof

There’s a great article here at Right Wing Nut House. Turns out that all the mullahs in Iran needed was a spreadsheet to determine the vote totals.

That’s also why detailed results by province and city won’t ever be made public. It’s also come out that the challenger to Ahmadenijad was leading in the polls. So… Let’s see…  The checklist for winning an election in Iran…

  1. Turn off Internet… check
  2. Turn off text messaging… check
  3. Put challenger in jail… check
  4. Have the “election”… check
  5. Intimidate voters at polls…check
  6. Announce to the world that government chosen candidate won…check
  7. Bury any stories showing fraud and cooking of the books…check

We all expected this, right?

Check #Iranelections over on Twitter if you haven’t done so. Lots of interesting chatter from people about the results.

More on Iran – Winds of Change ??

This article by Michelle Malkin has more info on the aftermath in Iran.

Looks like exercise of democratic rights isn’t something one can do in Tehran or anywhere else. As I mentioned below, Iran is keeping good company among the regimes of the world where oppression is word one. Dump all the opponents in jail and rig an election and wave a sword at the world.

Meantime, no one appears to want to acknowledge the really ugly truth. Iran can’t be attacked militarily without huge loss of equipment and lives. And the UN Sanctions haven’t helped so far. So, the clock keeps ticking. This has been a powderkeg for 30 years, and the next stage in this game will be at hand soon. The world watches and waits.

Quotes from ordinary Iranians… about the election

Check them out here at Hot Air.

These quotes should tell you that there is a boiling undercurrent among the Iranian population. On the outside, we know they voted, and we know that they knew they were participating in a farce. But, they did anyway. Such is the right of democracy in Iran, a country that has never known democracy in action in modern times, or long before we were around.

So… The government in Tehran can only hope to put this seething anger down through oppression as they always have. Meantime, one has to wonder if this will motivate the government to consolidate its grip on power and push harder and harder to get the nuclear material into a form that can be used. We have seen many times throughout history. When a government rules through fear, it often seeks to project a forceful and militant attitude abroad to show the local population that the world is afraid of the regime. Uhmmm… Let’s see.

  1. North Korea
  2. Lybia (circa 1990)
  3. Congo
  4. Somalia
  5. Myanmar
  6. Sudan

What do all these places have in common?  A regime that is hugely oppressive, and uses intimidation among the people combined with propaganda and threats to the outside world to get what they want.

The problem is the current administration has shown no inkling that they want to solve the problem.  Being nice to any of the governments listed above is going to be seen as a sign of weakness.  For most of these places, there’s not much going on there that impacts us directly.  Except in the case of immigration to the US and Europe.  But… North Korea and Iran will seek to get “legitimacy” in any way they can.  If not through diplomacy, through having weapons that make attacking them a fruitless exercise.