Bella, Tobias and the Race – Lisa’s Booby Trap did NOT run

Well, I got another letter from Bella today.

Apparently, Tobias owes her some bones now for the bet on a horse that got scratched.  Well… I’ll let her letter speak for itself.

I need you to woof into Uncle Tobias’s ear.  He has to be a more reasonable at the book.  He took my bet on Lisa’s Booby Trap, but her owner wouldn’t let her run in the rain and the muck Saturday.  She was scratched.  I can’t blame him.  It rained at Saratoga in the morning and the day turned steamy. The track had a horrible muck spray.  He loves that horse.

So with my human trainee gently snoring, I got the remote and picked the Monmouth morning line on cable.  I wanted to bet on Rachel Alexandra in the 11th.

The old dog wouldn’t bite on taking the show bet.  I tried to convince him that it was a fair bet and I even upped the bones to 50 (I hope my human trainee never looks under his bed.  My stash would be gone in seconds).

He wouldn’t bite.  He just curled that upper lip a little and went back to his corner.  I guess he knew something was fishy.  Monmouth was courageous in taking that show bet.  Somebody said the pool for the show bet went into six figures, potentially up to a million.

Crankie that basset down the way said his master bet a few thousand “because it was a sure 5%”.  Crankie doesn’t know what that means.  He can’t even train his human.  He calls him master.  He tries to call me “cousin”, but as Mom always said, just because you are long, doesn’t mean you are smart.  Crankie can’t even hit the fireplug outside his house.

Get after Uncle and tell him he can’t take all his bones to heaven.  Tell him to be a better sport next time I want to bet.  As soon as I find out where Lisa’s Booby Trap is running, I want to place another bet.  I may even up the ante.

I hope you moved his bed because if he is wagging and snoring at least you will have eliminated the rhythm section.

Katia and Bella – The horse race is tomorrow!!

From time to time, I get letters from my cousin, Isabella, another dachshund who owns my dad’s father in law and mother in law…

It’s important to note that dachshunds own their humans.  Not the other way around.

Anyhow.. Bella is commenting on the horse race tomorrow.  Tobias is one of my other dachshund pack mates who lives here. He loves to run around, bark and chase small tennis balls, even at the age of 10… Or 60 in dog years… My mom calls him a clownish weenie. I suppose he is but he knows I’m boss of the place because he vacates the dog bed under mom’s chair when I decide I want to go in it.

So, here’s Bella’s note…  I’ll have to wake Tobias up and see if he’s taking bets against book… Though, I’d love to know where he’s keeping the bones… I could use some more bones to chew on…

Woof Woof Katia…

Bella here again… I’m working on getting my human trainee to go to the race track occasionally.  I always try to get to the “dachshund” races, but he seems a little numb to the sporting game.  Last night I even curled up around his neck and lick a little around his ear trying to get him to understand.  He just stopped snoring.

I wonder if you can get Uncle Tobias out of his corner dog bed and give me a “woof”.  Tomorrow (Saturday July 24th) there is a race I want to get a couple of dog bones bet down.  Uncle Tobias is always good for a bet especially since the horse I want to bet on has morning line of 30/1.  He still takes an occasional bet, doesn’t he?

Don’t let him in on the story, but the horses name is Lisa’s Booby Trap.  She runs in the grade 1 American Oaks race.  The owner and his wife Lisa loves horses only Lisa died a few years ago.  A couple of years ago, the owner was given this banged up filly, blind in one eye.

He trained her and ran her at a smaller track where she beat the others big time in three races.  After the third race, he was offered a half million for the horse.  He turned the offer down.  Seems he believes after the government takes half, all you have left is money.  He said that stroking Lisa’s Booby Trap’s scarred shoulder.  He went on to explain his wife always said she would come back as a horse.  It was her destiny.  And he said looking at the horse that she might have just done that.

So get Uncle to give me a call so I can get my two bones down.  He will take my bet.  Lisa’s Booby Trap may not win, but I just want to be part of the action.  And tell Uncle Tobias to stop snoring and wagging his tail at the same time.  That just drives me crazy.