Video – Bobby Jindal rallies Louisianans

Hot Air » Excellent: Jindal rallies Louisianans to oppose the feds’ drilling moratorium.

This is great stuff. I highly recommend watching it. I’ve long believed he was destined for higher office.  His rallying of the citizens of this downtrodden state is quite inspiring.

Here’s something to keep in mind… Polling seems to indicate that 27-29 Governor’s races could trend Republican.  I’ll post more on that later tonight. Combine that with a close to deadlocked US Senate and a US House in Republican hands, come November… Obama’s next 2 years could get quite difficult.  Also, the last time we had a sea change in governors, state legislatures and US House/Senate all at ONE time was in the 1880s.

I mention this because Jindal is in the crop of rising stars for the Republicans and we need to do all we can to support guys like him.  What he’s done to reverse decades of malaise in Louisiana is absolutely remarkable.