Military tech slowly approaching awesomeness of Death Star weaponry

Hot Air » Video: Military tech slowly approaching awesomeness of Death Star weaponry.

Well, this should be interesting. I’ve long wondered whether the idea of shooting one bullet with another would be viable, or a bullet with a laser.  Still, don’t go emptying out that bunker in your basement, just yet.  We’re a long ways from seeing this reach the scalability to be feasible for military applications on a large battlefield or globally.

The by-line is right.  China has eons to go before perfecting such a system. Not likely to happen in the very near future.

Now… I think I can go chew my bone… What a day… (whew)…

Your tax dollars are funding abortions.

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Just when you thought the healthcare mess couldn’t get any worse.

If this isn’t reason enough to think carefully about how you would vote in November, I don’t know what is.

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Liberal Media killing Jeremiah Wright Stories again

Here’s the story

This is disturbing.  The reason many people don’t know the real truth about Obama’s political incubation… The media wouldn’t report on the fact he attended Wright’s church for 20 years.  Wright is a believer in Black Liberation Theology.  It should frighten you.

Michelle Bachmann starts Tea Party Caucus in US House

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I know she’s polarizing, but this definitely indicates the Tea Party isn’t going away anytime soon.

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Just how dumb does she think we are?

I know we get some real doozies in terms of political appointees, but this woman needs her head to be checked, I think.  The back story is she’s been forced to resign for inflammatory remarks made at an NAACP meeting.  But, she then tries to say it was done 25 years ago.  Please.

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Update: It turns out that when one watches the full video, the whole story emerges.  The media cut the tape up to make her seem like a villan.

So…. Even on a slow news day, some “drive by” practices by the media still are in full swing.

Post and Full Video available here

(Warning – disturbing)… What the Obama White House does NOT want you to see

This is what they don\'t want you to see

I really find this beyond any sense of decency. They’re keeping this out of the press.

We need to have complete openness about the oil spill and allow media to shine the light in here.

Ask yourself why BP’s employees clammed up immediately after the well exploded? It’s not like media outlets weren’t trying to get the skinny on the story and how the well blew up.

HOLD YOUR elected officials accountable to get to the bottom of this and then tell them to LIFT the drilling ban. We should NOT have to push drilling out into deep waters. If it can be done safely closer to shore where it is shallower, then that is the logical course of action.

We have some of the largest reserves of oil right here in the US, and we will NOT find ways to drill and use them as long as this Administration and Congress are being held by the far left.

Make your voice heard, and then vote your opinion at the ballot box this November.

Liberals want Dick Cheney dead?

This is beyond the pale.

No one should ever wish this kind of harm on anyone else.

I may disagree with the President, but I want him to remain safe, able to do his job and competently discharge the duties we have elected him to do.

Hot Air Green Room – Democrat Underground to Dick Cheney – Drop Dead

Noon Update – Blagojevich and Housing Statistics

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So, what’s in the news today…

  • Governor Blagojevich takes the stand in the corruption trial.  This should be interesting to watch, because one has to wonder if in order to save his own skin, he would out the President or someone else in the Administration.  I’m sorry, but to me it does not pass the “smell” (sniff sniff) test that deals could be made for an open Senate seat without the President knowing something about it.

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  • Housing continues its downward spiral.  Click here for the story I’ll post more on what to do with the economy in a longer essay this weekend, but to anyone wanting for a recovery (and we all do), this is terrible news.  Apparently, the guys in Washington DC don’t realize that
    • One has to have capital formation and investment by private investors in our economy
    • A lot of that capital is tied up in gold, safe stocks or mattresses (otherwise known as US Treasury Bills).
    • As long as this capital is NOT making it into the larger market, to go into businesses that hire YOU and ME, things will not improve.
    • Housing is one of these capital intensive sectors of the economy.  This report shows people are sitting on their hands

The question for everyone today is:

Why does the mainstream media NOT want to tell you the real statistics on unemployment?

Realize that everytime someone STOPS looking for work, they drop out of the pool of “employable people”.  That means the unemployment rate drops

By most estimates, unemployment is around 15-18% if you take into account the people who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and quit looking for a job.

Here’s the link to why unemployment stats are not telling you the truth

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